Welcome to Sardinia

 Incoming agency and tour operator.

Service and quality accommodation in Sardinia.

We are located in strategic points on the island.


We are Tour Operators specialized directly in SARDINIA destination with ONLINE and OFFLINE sales channels, and we take special care to ensure the accommodations and services offered as well as the best rooms available at each choice.


​Why choose us

  • We know the territory

  • ​We enjoy the trust of our countrymen

  • ​We have selected the facilities and services ourselves

  • We don't ask agency commissions

  • ​We are present throughout the year in our Assistance office

  • Our guests are always welcome

  • ​More than twenty years in the industry

  • ​Seriousness and down to earth attitude are our main ingredients

Visit our official web site www.welcometosardinia.it

Welcome to Sardiia
Via Roma n° 93
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Info Point Flumini Quartu
Viao San Giovanni n° 5 
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Ph.+39 0707966254